A gist of top start-ups and the relation with celebrity net worth

The net worth of a person is the total cash available with them after settling all their liabilities. The celebrities which grace the cover of all the latest magazines and theatres around us are known to have very high celebrity net worth.

The top celebrities are known to have very high net worth and common factor between the celebrities having the highest net assets is that they all believe in investing their money. The investments help them to secure their money and earn enough interest to secure their future.

Investing in start-ups is the latest form of increasing the net worth of the stars and socialites. There are many websites like celebritynetworth which gives details about the latest information on the wealthy movie stars and sportsperson.




Given below is a list of starsthat are putting their money on various start-ups:

  • Snoop Dogg and his celebritynetworth

The rapper Snoop Dogg is not just known for his raps but also a promoter of various cannabis related start-ups. He is behind companies like Eaze, LeafsBySnoop and Merry Jane among others.

  • Robert Downey Jr. And his ventures

The onscreen Iron Man and multimillionaire is the perfect reflection of his character of Tony Stark as he has his fingers in a lot of pies or for want of a better word, a lot of businesses. He is known to invest in start-ups like Master class and Loot Crate.

  • Will Smith and his ventures

“The Pursuit of Happyness” star is known to encourage study into mental health problems and is a big investor in Bio beats, a mental health start-up. He also owns a clothes line by the name of Vastrm.

  • Ashton Kutcher and his investments

Ashton Kutcher is the most active investor among his peers. He is a major stakeholder in companies like Airbnb and Box. He has a company A-grade Investments dedicated to looking after his various portfolios.