All that you need to know about Hiking Sticks

The hiking sticks or the trekking poles are a very general accessory used by walkers to keep their rhythm and stability. The hiking sticks look a lot like the ski poles since even they have certain similarities to these like handles are rubber padded, the bottom has a basket, and there are straps near the wrist area. They are usually 135cm in general, and the poles can be folded when not in use. There are certain sticks that contain springs in order to reduce strain on the wrists while walking in the normal area. The sticks are generally made up of aluminium or some carbon fibre. Sweetsticks is one of those companies that produce one of the best hiking sticks.

sweet sticks

Why carry a hiking stick?

  • Balance: The sticks help you in keeping your balance while you are walking on hillsides, streams, If you are also crossing creeks, rivers, shale, streams, etc. these are of great use to retain your balance while you can carry as much as load you want without trembling.


  • Manoeuvre: It will help you in crossing areas where trees are in your path, and you need to walk over them. It prevents you from falling down or breaking.


  • Reduces Stress on Body: It reduced unnecessary stress on your knees, legs, back and feet. The sticks provide the balance and power while you are climbing mountains. It also reduces the shock while you climb down and removes pressure.

Other uses:

Also used as equipment for self-defence. They help in building tents by giving support as the poles for building them up. While one uses it as a support system, it can also be used to build the shelter.

Given all this, it is recommended you chose the best out of the lot. One of the best websites for buying the sticks online would be , where you can browse and thus buy the best sticks according to your preferences.