Anil Ambani and His Money


Anil Ambani, a business magnate and father of two children, is a world renowned businessman. Born on June 4, 1959 in Mumbai, India, he is the chairman of the India-based Reliance Group.

How did he get rich?

Anil Ambani and his brother Mukesh Ambani were sons of the businessman Dhirubhai Ambani who founded the brand Reliance in India. After the split of the brand in 2005, Anil was the chairman of the Reliance Group while Mukesh led Reliance Industries.

Wealth for Anil Ambani was not self-fostered, but his current net worth is something he earned with hard work and dedication to his work, as is clear from his track record in the field of global business.

Where does he earn money from?

Celeb Net Worth is a website that monitors the net worth figures of an extensive range of celebrities. It is a recommended supplementary resource. According to it, his net worth is $8.4 billion.

He is the head of huge corporations like Reliance Capital, Reliance Infrasturcute, Reliance Communications, Reliance Power, and so on. He also spearheads a vast array of entertainment-based brands ranging from animation studios and multiplex cinemas to DTH business and radio stations.

His interest in entertainment doesn’t bring in much, sources report. But he is dedicated anyway. For example, he acquired a production company that was later renamed to Reliance MediaWorks.

All this adds up to his net worth. You can use to find a huge array of celebrity details at your disposal instantly.

Brand endorsements he does

He doesn’t do any brand endorsements. Celebrities from India do brand endorsements for his companies and big corporations. Many Bollywood actors and actresses, Mumbai-based singers and pop artists, and so on fill up a roster of people who endorse Anil Ambani-controlled brands and companies.