Creating and designing favicon for tech blogs

Blogs are the most readed and followed mode of communication in today time. People got a lot of entertainment as well as technical stuff from the blogs. Blogs have much importance such as they can get their niche related queries solved easily. People can ask their question and can get the instance answer by commenting on the blog or referring to some of the forums. Today you can google a lot of stuff related to the particular niche with a lot of great content and information.

Creating and designing the favicon

Favicon are one of the most necessary things for any blog. It is as much important as the on page and off page SEO. The blogger can get the pre designed favicon or can create their own favicon. Favicon have a specified size and dimension. The favicon must be of the dimension of 16×16, 32×32 or 64×64. It must not exceed the size of total of 150.00 KB. You can follow the steps to create and design the favicon:


  • Start with the creation the .ico file with name as favicon using DynamicDriveFavIcon Generator
  • Now got to your log in panel and log in to your server via the FTP
  • Now save this favicon with *.ico file via FTP
  • Upload the favicon file to your FTP root directory.
  • Now add the respective code to your header .php file present in your head section.

There are many other ways of doing this and getting the best favicon. If you are using or having some
blogotechblog then you should have some attractive and self-explaining favicon. For this you can get a lot of ideas from the google. If you are a Photoshop expert then you can also create one favicon for your own.