Everything You Must Know about Mark Dubowitz

We have all heard about the famous Foundation for Defence of Democracies, and Mark Dubowitz is none other than the CEO of this foundation. He is the head person of Foundation for Defence of Democracies center for different sanctions and illicit finances. Along with that he also acted as the head person in the sanctions against Iran. Mark Dubowitz’s birthplace is South Africa but was raised as a citizen of the United States of America.

About Mark Dubowitz:

Mark Dubowitz has done a master’s degree from John Hopkins University in public policy regarding international affairs. He also did a law degree and an MBA from the University of Toronto. He started his journey by funding a technology start up after he finished law school. He worked as a venture capitalist and attorney in Toronto. Dubowitz is also a co-chairperson of a project in the US about the Middle East Non-proliferation strategy. He also works as a lecturer and research person in Munk School of Global Affairs under the University of Toronto. He is a teacher for research conduction on international sanctions, negotiations and the nuclear program of Iran.

Under his Supervision:

Mark Dubowitz also was against the nuclear diplomacy administration run by Obama related to Iran. He testified before congress against the topics about nuclear diplomacy. He has also authored and co-authored different op-eds regarding Iran’s deals. Mark Dubowitz has authored the same for Foundation for Defence of Democracies several times. His works are many but the best is improving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, with Annie Fixler in the year 2015.

These are some of the very important points about Mark Dubowitz that we must remember when we are talking about him. He is a great personality that we should know about, and thus important information is also necessary.