How to shoot great videos with dslr’s

If you are a beginner with a DSLR camera, you probably realize much later that it can be used to shoot HD videos too. But once you have tested it, you might realize that shooting a really good video is not as easy as just pressing the record button. So, here we have given you some tips which should help you to shoot some awesome videos. You could also try checking the  for some more tips.


The first thing to remember is practice. Do not wait till an important event crops up. We suggest you practice before and get good at it so that you don’t end up bungling your event video.

You might have very good and steady hands but if you have an option always go for the tripod. Make it your best friend. Tripods along with other accessories like sliders can give you very good and professional like videos. If you don’t stabilize your video, the end result might turn out to be shaky and unsteady.

You might be used to the auto focus feature. But frankly, unless you learn how to focus yourself you won’t be able to get great results. Though, of course it takes a lot of practice to get it right. We suggest that you magnify the subject, once all details are sharp enough then change to a normal view again and start with your record. If you are shooting moving objects, try your hand at objects which are parallel to the camera first.

Shoot in short sequences rather than in one go. If at all your event requires a continuous shot, go in for a camcorder. We suggest that you make at least three to four different shots at varying distances. This would give an interesting result.

You can check out some more tips at ep films.