Nootropics: Is It Safe or Harmful?

Nootropics are basically a kind of supplement which helps improve the overall health and functioning of thehuman brain. The use of Nootropics to improve memory, concentration and learning abilities are not something new. There are a variety of Nootropics available in the market, some of which has a solid history while others are released in the recent past. Now the question arises whether or not the consumption of Nootropics harmful? Like any other supplement, even Nootropics comes with a list of potential side-effects which are discussed here.

What are the Side-Effects of Nootropics?




The potential dangers associated with the consumption of Nootropics are listed below:

  1. Brain Chemistry Alterations: According to researchers, Nootropics are capable of altering the way your brain works. Not only that, but it can also shrink or expand certain regions of your brain depending on the usage.


  1. Cognitive Deficits: Some experts have proved that long-term use of Nootropics may lead to cognitive deficits. It is speculated that the brain becomes tolerant to the substance and may end up relying on it to perform advanced cognitive tasks.


  1. Dependence: When you continue consuming these drugs over a long period of time, your brain becomes dependent on these drugs to perform cognitive tasks. To put it in simple words, your brain has become so used to the drugs that now it cannot perform without them.


  1. Memory Impairment: Based on latest studies, it has been proved that consistent use of these drugs may cause memory damage over time.


  1. Sleep Problems: It can not only diminish your sleep to a great extent while you are on these drugs but can also stay impaired even after you have discontinued to take them.


Therefore, it is advisable that before you start taking any kind of Nootropics, it is important that you consult your doctor. In case you have already done that, you can get the best of Nootropics at trunootropicsofwhich are totally free of any side-effects from