The digital age and its effects

What is the meaning of a digital age?

We live in the digital age. A statement that is repeatedly heard and propagated today, however what does it actually mean? The way that we humans lead our lives has undergone a drastic change and is now almost unidentifiable from what we had a few years ago, let alone centuries or decades ago. One of the most distinct part of our culture and lifestyle of today is our dependence and the spread of technology and the digital medium.

The internet revolution has made the world a very small place and it now seems that nothing is impossible in the world. People thousands of miles are now connected to one another and can speak to one another as if they were sitting right in front of each other. The internet has slowly risen into becoming an inseparable part of our lives. When it was first invented, the internet was nothing more than a connection between two or more computers exchanging various data (and it basically still is) and was mainly used for high level calculations not possible by the human brain. Today, the internet has become the lifeline of the world as people use it for all sorts of reasons. The internet has become the go to medium when people talk about entertainment and even when they talk about important research for their work. Social media has become the go to platform when people talk about staying updated with the news of the times from around the world and staying connected to people from around the world.

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