The Structure of a Domain Name

Internet and World Wide Web are the two things which are believed to inseparable. Internet was founded by Robert Kahn and World Wide Web was founded by Tim Berners Lee. Both of these major inventions took place by nineteen nighties at which point people thought that this is as high as it is going to get about computers and the internet, however the common man forgot the acknowledge the domain name. A domain name is something that is of integral importance to the world of internet. There are a lot of things that you can learn about the domain names that we would like to discuss.


A domain name is built of four parts. For instance let’s consider now this domain can be broadly divided into four parts. The first one being http. It stands for hypertext markup language. Followed by that we have www and as we all know World Wide Web. The first two parts of a domain name are standard are applicable in all domain names. The third part of the domain name is the actual name of the website. It usually reflects the business names of the business, which in this case is Urget. The name part of the domain is supposed to be unique. Followed by that, we have the fourth and the last part of a domain. Usually, the last part of the domain has few set words such as com, in, org, etc. When we bring together all three four fragments, we successfully get or arrive at a domain name.


Every one of us is a daily consumer of the internet and uses domain names while surfing the web and yet knew little about it. The world around us is changing rapidly. With the innovations made every day, it won’t be a bad idea to catch up on the important ones from time to time.