Tie And Dye Koloa T-Shirts: PrintTo Die For!

Probably the oldest dyeing techniques to be in fashion, tie and dye has been there since Ancient Egypt and closer home, in Peru since around 500 AD. It is still one of the hottest talked about prints. It has bright colors and has a bohemian, carefree feel about it.

Tie and dyeis usually usedon tees, tops, dresses, skirts, trousers, shorts and scarves. Some places like koloa.com offer burn out hoodies, too, in tie and dye.




Tie and dye: How to wear it

  • Tie & dyedoesn’t necessarily mean screaming bright and loud. There are many with muted color schemes as well. Choose what suits you.
  • Have an exceptionally loud pants/skirt? Team it up with a pastel top and a jacket. They will complement it and change the look from tacky to wow
  • If you are afraid to start off with a full tie and dye outfit, yet you also want to own the print, get a scarf, pair it up with a pastel top and see how chic you look!
  • Try and avoid wearing tie and dye on both your top and bottom. It, of course, looks cool in a dress. But pants and top? Not so much.
  • Balance it out with a neutral shade so that it heightens the brightness of the print and instantly turns you to a fashionista.

You can check koloa.com for all kinds of tees in this category. In a dress, if the print is too much for you, you could balance it with a jacket.

Tie & dye: Fashion Trend

Last spring and summer this was the most talked about print. From New York to Milan, from Louis Vuitton to Roberto Cavalli everyone used it.

It was trending in 2015’s spring/summer collection, as well as 2016’s and it sure isn’t going to stop trending in 2017. It’s been trending since the 60’s and not likely to go anywhere else anytime soon. Many places, like Koloa, offer great prints at reasonable prices, so don’t let budget come in the way of fashion. Get your tie and dye now! Stay in fashion!