Tips on creating true intimacy and various sites like this help women with various issues that plague them. One of the issues that Heronline network as also other such sites dedicated to women deal with is creating happy relationships.Relationships which are strong and which last as well as so well rooted that the newness and freshness of the relationship lasts even after years.


In order to find pure love, here are some tips to be followed.

  1. You should use the relationship not in order to feel complete, but to feel complemented. You should learn to love the distances as well as the togetherness of the relationship. When you learn to appreciate this you will be less clingy and less needy for attention.
  2. You should see your partner as they truly are and not what they represent. You should discover your partner and see how they have evolved over time
  3. You should be willing to learn from the other person and relationships are always a blend of give and take.
  4. You should be comfortable on your own and in being alone
  5. You should examine as to why fights begin. Is it drama created so intimacy can be avoided or what is the root cause of this.
  6. You should own who you are and love yourself first
  7. You should embrace the ordinariness in the relationship.
  8. You should focus on giving love and in this you will realize that you are loved more deeply
  9. You should not have expectations. You should not expect things. You should allow the relationship to take it’s own course. You should draw from your inner resources when you need love and nurturing. You should not expect it from someone else as that only leads to heartaches, bitterness and hatred when it is not fulfilled.