Types of wheelchairs

imedmobility.comas also several sites offer wheelchairs of many varieties and kinds. These wheelchairs are meant for specific needs and due to this the varieties when buying a wheelchair can be quite overwhelming especially when buying these for the first time. One should go in for a wheelchair based on the needs, requirements and the size of the person who will be using it.

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As per imedmobilityand sites which sell wheelchairs, the different kinds are :

  1. Pediatric chairs which can support a maximum of 250 pounds. These have seats that are more shallow and narrow. These generally are 12 inches deep and 14 inches in width. These are also set lower and closer to the ground. The handles of the back of these chairs can be used by adults to maneuver the chair.
  2. Recliners are heavy duty chairs. These support weights which are 700 pounds and these have a reclining back and so the torso can be opened up. This allows the redistribution of the weight more comfortably and safely. These have features like changing of the back There are recliner wheelchairs which can be found on imed mobilityand other sites which have different heights from seat to floor. You are able to set heights ranging from 15 to 18 inches from floor level.
  3. There are standard transport wheelchairs whichsupport people up to 300 pounds. These have backs which can be folded down and that helps with storage. There are also restaurant style armrests as these allow for the person to reach closer to the table in restaurants. The seat usually is lesser than 20 inches. This usually have rear wheels which are smaller than other models and these are lighter than the heavy duty wheelchairs almost by half. They do not have steel frames rather are made of aluminum so they weigh less.