What are the benefits of high intensity interval training

https://sementedechia.info/q48/ is just one of the places where you can find more information and detail about HIIT or high intensity interval training.

Benefits of High Intensity Interval training

As per https://sementedechia.info/q48/ and several others, here are some reasons how HIIT benefits people.

  1. This is good for people who are busy and have very little time to spend at the gym or to exercise. This allows you to get the most out of your workout in the least possible time. Infact more progress is gained in a 15 minutes training when it is done thrice a week than anyone who jogs on a treadmill for an hour a day.
  2. The number of calories that are burned during the workouts are more than any other kind of workouts. Infact you even burn more calories in the 24 hours post completing the training than you would if you were running at a steady pace.

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  1. info/q48/ and other sites also inform their readers that it benefits the heart as this helps push the body during the anaerobic zone. This helps the individuals to even bicycle twice longer than they normally could.
  2. This kind of training does not require high end expensive gym equipment and nor does it require you to hire a personal trainer.
  3. When you drop the pounds you do not shed any muscle but you shed all fat.
  4. This increases the metabolic rate and it allows the human growth hormone to be stimulated. Infact in the entire 24 hours after the workout has been completed, the hormone shows level increase by 450 percent.
  5. Due to the increase in the human growth hormone secretion the ageing process is slowed down.
  6. This can be done anywhere and at any time.
  7. It challenges the individual to push their body harder.