What diet to follow to cut down on your sugar levels?

Sometimes when you feel you are having trouble in bowel causing formation of gas can be the symptoms of fructose intolerance. Fructose is the ‘fruit sugar’ and when you are not able to absorb fructose then you are fructose intolerance condition. These are sometimes hereditary and should be diagnosed in time. Most of the symptoms can be checked by following proper diet and avoiding fructose containing food. If not checked in time can lead to failure of liver or kidney with age. For a healthy living, dietician has to be consulted and asked to prepare a diet chart. You can find more about in natural living blogs. But you can follow the below diet plans to better your situation.

When opting for a fructose free diet better avoid any kind of fruits or fruit juice. Forget about sweeteners like honey, maple or honey syrup or sugar. Also chose whole wheat breads and unprocessed foods as the processed ones have high sugar content. Don’t buy anything blindly check for the labels ti check any hidden sugar content. Drink plenty of water and exercise religiously because this is what which will help you. Exercise will help you in breaking down of sugar to produce energy. Follow the below regime to have a healthy living.

For breakfast go for whole wheat bread with avocado or egg and natural yogurt. Opt for Oats porridge with milk and flaxseeds. Always eat your breakfast heavy as it is the time when all your food gets break down and make you feel full. At mid snacks go nuts or salads. At lunch protein is your secret, go for tuna or chicken salad. And at dinner eat something light like quinoa with veggies or brown rice with some fish. Choose accordingly whichever will suit you. These are just base. Just eat that would suit you. And eat in intervals.