What does your kitty love the most to do?

Kitties are mostly too cute to handle and they are one of the best companions to be fond of. You can have them running around you making them do everything you want to especially when they are trainedto do so. Kitties love to do a lot of things on their own and they would love to spend some time with themselves.

You can see what our friends 4 ever love to do the most. Kitties love to spend time sleeping and they would sometimes end up sleeping more than other animals and it is quite normal for a cat to be doing; so you don’t have to worry about it in case you find your cats sleeping for long hours.

our friends 4 ever

Kitties love to play hide and seek with their owners and this can become a little too much when they start hiding themselves in unexpected places. They may end up scaring the daylights of you when you would have least expected it. They can hide in your shoe-boxes, cartons and also end up choosing one of those old cabinets filled with some old clothes.

You can more about what your kitties love to do on http://ourfriends4ever.com . Cats are one of the friendliest creatures and like humans they love to be groomed. You can brush their fur but cats love to be clean almost at all times and they use their tongue to groom themselves quite too often and this may seem a little unpredictable for the first time cat buyers.

Go ahead, buy a cat and then you would start growing with them all over again as you see them doing some unusual things that might make you curious. You would fall in love with these cute kitties and once you get attached to them, you will start knowing them better.